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About Enhance

Enhance is a vocational education college located in inner Brisbane area, offering individual attention, good student support, and we have a great campus location. We offer automotive courses, hospitality courses and business courses at Enhance. We strive to ensure that the experience of studying at Enhance is a memorable one. Enhance is committed to keeping class sizes small and teaching hours large. There is less pressure to finish the coursework and more time in class to discuss and supervise work.

Enhance promotes face to face classroom-based learning. Although e-learning courses and do have networking potential via chat rooms, messages and emails; it simply is not as effective as having a real-life human interaction with another person where you exchange handshakes and conversation. This method is more significant and is a huge bonus which you can get from face-to-face training and means you will network more efficiently which in itself has a lot of benefits. Enhance promotes a grown-up approach to education and encourages students to develop advanced skills and self-confidence.

Our trainers support this development whilst ensuring that academic potentials are fulfilled. They are the vital link between trainers and students and illustrate our commitment to communication and feedback. Our trainers are happy to spend as much one-to-one time as necessary to help or students to achieve their academic goals. With face-to-training, you are usually in a classroom with the teacher, where many teachers will implement strategies to keep you involved and engaged as possible because it retains your attention and will most definitely encourage better results.

International Students

Being a student is a challenge, being an international student is an even bigger one. For all those who are planning to come to Australia, Enhance would like to point out some challenges that you might have to face and suggest ways in which you can tackle them. International students may face the following problems after arriving in Australia for studies.

● Culture shock
● Communication problem
● Learning difficulty
● Home-sickness
● Financial pressure

At Enhance, we have a dedicated International student contact and a counsellor specifically for international student support.

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